What do we do?

We design and build advanced AI powered big data analytics solutions for the civil aerospace supply-side leaders.

We help our customers map their market, uncover whitespace opportunities and leverage their data.

Our customers

  • Supply-side industry leaders with focus on innovation

  • OEMs, MROs, distributors and other industry suppliers

Our focus

We use the newest big data & machine learning technologies to support your analytics team and move your IT projects to the next level.

Supply-side predictive analytics

Complex data solutions

Market mapping dashboards

Cleaning, analyzing & enriching of proprietary data

Cost reduction

Advanced algoritmhs and customized datasets

Data intelligence – securely and safe!

Data security is our top priority.
Your proprietary data is encrypted and stored in a completely isolated vault.

Our main services

Let us discuss your requirements, and we’ll design a data analytics solution for you.

Predictive supply-side analytics platform

Beep FlightDeck enables you to build your own accurate internal data analytics tool.

  • We offer the possibility to carry out a limited trial of the Beep FlightDeck platform on a small data sample provided by you.

  • We combine your product and sales data and other external data sources combined with our unique internal know-how to provide highly accurate predictions.

Dedicated to aerospace predictive analytics.

We have more than 25 years’ experience with the aerospace aftermarket, and understand the complexities you face every day.

We build systems which you can easily integrate with your internal ERP, CRM and BI systems.

  • Beep Analytics develops customized solutions based on modular standard functionality blocks.

  • We develop each system individually in a close partnership with the customer, to address your specific requirements.

Data engineering

We help you accelerate your understanding of your own data to reduce cost and gain a competitive advantage.

  • ETL, data cleaning and data updates very often absorb the majority of an internal analytics team’s focus. Valuable time which should have been invested into developing new analytics insights and maximizing the company’s benefits from the data.

  • Beep’s solution helps you overcome the massive challenge related to cleaning and aligning internal datasources, integrating them with external industry data sources

  • In addition Beep can provide enriched PMA and 3rd party MRO tracking datasets.

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