We are totally thrilled to be named one of five most revolutionary aviation companies in 2020 by Satair / Airbus.

It’s the dawn of a new decade, and its a new chapter for innovation. There are more than a handful of key players making great technological strides, but they’re also a few tenacious starts up looking to positively disrupt the status quo.

But who do Satair think are some of the companies to keep an eye on? Who could bring some revolutionary solutions to the aviation market?

Beep Analytics’ FlightDeck is an AI powered data analytics platform for address a forgotten, but essential, part of the aircraft aftermarket.

In the e-book, Satair look at five of the companies they think to be on your radar.
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  • Gogo and the race for 5G
  • Honeywell & Lufthansa Technik
  • Beep Analytics
  • Nuveon Interactive Training
  • The MRO Blockchain Alliance

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Satair writes:
A self-contained data processing platform for predictive supply-side data analytics.
“Airlines and MROs alike are beginning to leverage large data sets and technological advancements to better predict and manage their operations through Predictive Maintenance. 2019 was all a buzz with the power to leverage data analytics to increase the efficiency of aircraft operations. Poor maintenance planning has real consequences for airlines— it keeps aircrafts grounded longer, passengers waiting, and can even lead to cancellations. So it stands to reason that leveraging data to combat this, is an obvious solution.

Yet with all the buzz, there seems to be one area of the industry that has been left out of the conversation—the supply side. This could be due to the fact that predictive solutions require access to large data sets, which at this time, are only available to larger OEMs and T1 suppliers, or through strategic partnership—many of which have not been established because of the immaturity of data analytics solutions within the industry.

But this is where Beep Analytics steps on stage. Their Flight Deck data analysis platform is geared specifically for the supply side—allowing some of the unsung heroes of the industry to access the same data analytic and predictive solutions that would normally be reserved for only larger pla