Don’t just take our word for it … Satair, the Airbus company, writes, Beep Analytics ApS is one of the “5 aviation data platforms to keep your eye on”.

In the article, Satair look at five of the aviation data platforms they think you should keep an eye on.
They write about these five platforms:

  • Skywise
  • Honeywell Forge
  • FlightDeck by Beep Analytics
  • Enspan

Read the article here:

“Today if you are a supplier, there are no real reliable, data-driven solutions for genuinely understanding the ebbs and flows of the aftermarket—and how a supplier can find opportunity in it.

Beep Analytics’ Flight Deck platform aims to correct that oversight. It’s a solution that compiles a lot of data that originates from the supplier itself—data that relates to the aircraft, who are the MROs that are working on the components, how much aircraft is flying, etc.”

If a supplier doesn’t understand why the demand for a specific part is fluctuating, or understand what is causing a possible underlying demand on the airline side, it becomes impossible to plan how and when to have that part available in their stock.